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NORDAMERIKA (North America):

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'Kaartje van het Noorder-Deel van America - Getekent en Uitgegeven tot Amelo by Jacobus Keizer en tot Deventer by Ian de Lat.': Altkolorierter Kupferstich v. O. Lindeman aus Atlas Portatif Tres Exact ou Livre de Carte ... b. Jan de Lat in Deventer & Jacob Keizer in Almelo, 1747, 17,5 x 23,5 cm McLaughlin-Mayo, The Mapping of California as an Island. An Illustrated Checklist., Nr. 232. -
Seltene kleine Karte von Nordamerika mit California as an Island. - Uncommon, small map featuring California as an island in addition to a rather imaginative Pacific Northwest showing a large inlet with an attached "Onbekend Land" that stretches across the Pacific. (Art.-Nr. 406981) NORDAMERIKA (North America):