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AMERIKA (America):

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'Americae Sive Novi orbis Nova Descriptio - Por horden de don Antonio lopez de calatayud Herndo de Solis lohizo En Valladolid Anno de 1598': Kupferstich v. Hernando de Solis n. Abraham Ortelius aus Relaciones Vniversales del Mundo ... 1598 (1603), 34,5 x 47,5 cm Burden, The Mapping of North America, 129. - "Accompanying this Spanish translation of Giovanni Botero's popular Relaciones Vniversales del Mundo ... were five newly engraved maps of the world and four continents. The book was a treatise on the political and geographical state of the world. - The map of America is a curious mix of the two similar maps by Abraham Ortelius of 1570 and 1587. The engraver, Hernando de Solis, chose to use the earlier Ortelius version of 1570 with the peculiar bulge to the south-western coastline of South America, and not the later more accurate map in which this was removed. - He did, however, incorporate the later map's new depiction of the Solomon Islands to the east of "Noeva Ginea". - He did not utilise any of the new nomenclature in North America on either the west or east coasts, most noticeably the addition of references to Virgina. - The only detail used from the 1587 map in North America is the broad river flowing southwards into the St. Lawrence River from a Lago Dagolesme. - In the lower corners are portraits of Vespucci and Columbus. - This well-engraved map is rarely in the book, which its itself scarce. - The inscription on the map shows that it was made in the year 1598 although the two-part book appeared in 1603. - The second of these parts is, however, dated 1599 and it is possible that an edition of this part alone occurred in that year. - Another explanation could be that the fact that it was published by the heirs of Diego Fernandez de Cordova, his death possibly causing the day". - The map with a lot of worm holes perfect restored mounted on old paper. - Very rare map.
Sehr seltene Karte nach denjenigen von Ortelius für die spanische Ausgabe des populären Werkes von Botero, das in allen Ausgaben mit unterschiedlichen Karten versehen wurde. - Mit Plattenton, restauriert. - Zahlreiche Wurmlöcher und Wurmgänge hinterlegt, Fehlstellen sorgfältig nachgezeichnet. Auf altem Papier aufgezogen. (Art.-Nr. 408103) AMERIKA (America):