AMERIKA (America):

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‚Occidentalis Americae, partis, vel, earum Regionum quas Christophorus Columbus primu detexit Tabula Chorographicaè multorum Auctorum scriptis, praesertim verò ex Hieronymi Benzoni (qui totis XIIII amnis eas Provincia diligenter perlusstravit) Historia, conflata & in aes mcisa à . Theodoro de Bry Leod. Anno M D XCIIII‘: Kolorierter Kupferstich v. Theodore de Bry aus Americae Pars Quarta Insignis & Admiranda Historia, 1594, 33,5 x 44 cm


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Burden, The Mapping of North America, 83. – „The beautiful map shows the disproportionately sized islands of West Indies. The Florida peninsula is derived from that of le Moyne. … The Bahaman islands of Bahama and Lvcaya are placed too far north“. – Decorative and rare map with title cartouche, coat of arms, compass rose, sailing ships and a whale. – Perfect condition!