WELTKARTE (World Map):

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‚The World in three Sections describing the Polar Regions to the Tropics with all the Tracts of Lord Mulgrave and Captain Cook towards the North and South Poles and the Torrid Zone or Tropical Regions with the New Discoveries in the South Sea. – J. Cary sculp. – Published Sept. 29, 1781; by I. Fielding No. 23, Paternoster Row.‘: kolorierter Kupferstich v. John Cary b. John Fielding, dat. 1781, 24 x 42 cm


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Tooley’s Dic. of Mapm. Rev. Ed. E – J, S. 65. – Weltkarte in 2 Hemisphären; links der Südpol mit den Entdeckungen von Captain Cook; recht der Nordpol mit den Entdeckungen von Lord Mulgrave. – Unter den Hemisphären Karte der tropischen Gebiete der Welt.Double hemispherical map of the world, together with a section through the tropics, showing the routes of Mulgrave and Cook. – Shows to the left the South Pole „The South Pole to the Tropic of Capricorn, in which are traced the several attempts of Captain Cook to discover a southern continent from 1773 to 1779“. — To the right the North Pole „The North Pole to the Tropic of Cancer, describing the track of the Honble. Captain Phipps, now Lord Mulgrave, in 1773.“ – At the bottom „Torrid Zone or Trropical Regions of the World, in which are laid down, the New discoveries in the Pacific Ocean or South Sea.“